Vitextra is proud to announce the new app for SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams - Employee Details.

Employee Details app makes it possible to build up a personal employee page and provide self-service functionality to update their profile details.

Personal Page

Employee Details solution contains three web parts to set up personal employee page.

  1. Employee Details. A central web part which provides functionality to view user profile, update information, navigate a manager-subordinate relationship, and others.
  2. Employee Information. A read-only version of the Employee Details web part.
  3. Employee Picture web part to show up profile image.

Vitextra Employee Details

Vitextra Employee Details

In the future, this set of web parts will be supplemented with other web parts such as Employee Calendar (to show the availability of the employee), Employee Documents (recently created or modified documents by the user), and others.

Employee Details for SharePoint and Teams

Self-Update User Profile

Employees can update their profile in SharePoint or Teams without assist from help desk. The Employee Details supports most of Azure AD user properties.

Vitextra Employee Details

Vitextra Employee Details

Employees can update only properties marked as editable.