Yet Another Filter Web Part

We have launched another one SharePoint Web Part which is created to enhance document workflow and content management systems based on SharePoint on-premise. The new Web Part is Quick Filter and it does not replace existing powerful and customizable List Filter Web Part.

Quick Filter Web Part is designed to provide a simple and convenient way to search for data within SharePoint Lists and Document Libraries. The Web Part is actually a single text field. This approach makes it possible to implement search functionality and avoid big changes in the user interface.

SharePoint Quick Filter Web Part

Do Less, Achieve More

How to find out the data you need? How to filter SharePoint data by specific columns? How many actions do you need to perform to find out the document you need?
With Vitextra Quick Filter all you need is just type in the query and press Enter. And you get the result immediately, no page refresh, no context switching.

All You Need is Just Type in the Query and Press Enter

SharePoint Quick Filter Web Part for SharePoint on-premise

How It Works

Quick Filter Web Part is a fully integrated solution and it uses native SharePoint functionality to filter List and Document Library items. Quick Filter modifies the existing view to return the items that have at least one of the columns containing the filter value.

The Web Part returns data based on the filter specified in the view and the permissions of the current user.


Due to the simplicity of interfaces Quick Filter supports more than 15 languages including Spanish, Japanese, German, and others.
Anyway if you need a special localization - just let us know.