Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is a single productivity platform that combines Windows 10, Office 365 and Azure. Until April 21 there were three platforms that could be used separately from each other. As for now, there is no such separation and it makes possible to use Microsoft products and services on any device and keep Microsoft apps up to date.


For customers using Microsoft 365 we start providing subscription-based products and services for SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams.
From our point of view, there are at least two major benefits of subscribing to Vitextra products.

Benefit #1. Cost

The cost of buying the Vitextra products for on-premise environment varies from 149$ per farm (Document Auto Title) to 699$ (List Filter Web Part). On the other hand subscription for Smart Tiles Web Part costs 9$ per month per tenant. No matter how many active users you have.

Benefit #2. Updates

We update our subscription-based products regularly and you get it automatically as long as your subscription is active. В случае on-premise продуктов вам необходимо загрузить новую версию и установить ее вручную.

Employee Directory for SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

Most of the new Vitextra products for Microsoft 365 support SharePoint Online as well as Microsoft Teams.
You can use our apps on SharePoint Online page and Microsoft Teams channel with no limitation and extra cost.