Comprehensive Filter Web Part allowing you to find data within your SharePoint lists and document libraries

  • Support AND/OR operator
  • Export filtered data to Excel
  • Customizable captions
  • 10+ different types of controls
  • Flexible layout
  • Supports diacritical marks variations
  • Multiple selections in drop-down lists
  • Supports Taxonomy
  • Prevent data view until filtering is applied



Support of AND/OR conditional operators

When filtering by several columns of a list or library, you can choose one of the List Filter behavior:

  • Show data that meets all the criteria
  • Show data that meets at least one of the criteria

This always applies the filter specified in the view.

Vitextra List Filter

Export data to Excel

Export data from a list or document library to Microsoft Excel.
The Excel file contains all the columns of the selected view and all the data regardless of their number.

Vitextra List Filter. Export data to Excel

Filter Panel Layouts

Support for two types of filter layout: grid and flexible.

When using grid layout filtering controls are placed from top to bottom and each of them occupies a separate line.

Flexible layout allows you to arrange filter controls more compactly, the size of each control in this case depends on the screen width.

Vitextra List Filter. Filter Panel Layouts

14 Different Filtering Controls

A large set of special filters for productive work:

  • Date and Date range
  • Users or groups
  • Managed metadata
  • Dropdown list (multiple values)
  • Autocompletion

Vitextra List Filter. 14 Different Filtering Controls

How it looks like

Knowledge Base

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日本語 (日本)
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SharePoint 2019
SharePoint 2016
SharePoint 2013 Server


Name Type Language Published
Руководство Администратора Administrator Guide русский 12/13/2019
Guide de l'Administrateur Administrator Guide français 1/19/2020
Administrator Guide Administrator Guide English 1/19/2020
Istruzioni per l'amministratore Administrator Guide italiano 12/13/2019

Recent Updates


🚀 Improvements:

  • New Number Range filtering control
  • User Interface Improvements

Add Languages Support:

  • 🌐 中文(中国)


🐞 Fixed Bugs:

  • Yes/No filtering control does not allow to choose empty values


🚀 Improvements:

  • Optimize Date Range controls size for Grid and Flexible layout

🐞 Fixed Bugs:

  • Not all possible values presented in the List control


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