Automatically generate unique numbers for documents and list items

  • Automatic Generation Numbers
  • Cross-Site Sequences
  • Customizable Numbering Schemes
  • Formula Base on Attributes and Metadata
  • Formatting Column Values



Automatic Number Generation

Vitextra Number Generator for SharePoint allows you to set up a numbering scheme on a SharePoint list or document.
You can define a numbering scheme for each content type as well as entire list or document library.

Vitextra Number Generation for SharePoint

Cross-Site Sequences

Create a sequence and define initial value, step and reset rule to generate unique values.
Each sequence may be used in the numbering scheme with custom formatting.

The cross-site sequences make it possible to organize document repositories within your SharePoint site and generate unique numbers across entire site collection.

Vitextra Number Generator. Sequences

Numbering Formula

Numbering Formula is based on the document attributes with custom formatting.
You can use special SharePoint columns such as ID, Version, Author, Created and other to define a formula.

Vitextra Number Generation for SharePoint

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Knowledge Base

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Customer Questions

Some common questions about Number Generator

Can I use Number Generator to generate column value in Document Library?

Yes. You can use Number Generator both within List and Document Library.

Can I use a static text for Number Generator formula?

Yes. All text not included in square brackets is used "as is".


Kris Horner

definitely must-have add-in for SharePoint

the cross-site sequence makes it possible to set up incoming documents management system with no coding.


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SharePoint 2019
SharePoint 2016
SharePoint 2013 Server
SharePoint 2013 Foundation

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