Web part to create and manage Knowledge Base

  • Customizable Appearance
  • End-users may ask questions directly
  • Markdown Syntax
  • Based on Microsoft Lists
  • SharePoint Theme Inheritance

$29 /month

$299 /year

SharePoint FAQ Web Part


Capture Topics From Users

Vitextra Questions and Answers allows your team to ask questions directly within the web part.

Once a question is captured it's stored in Microsoft Lists so the content manager can add an answer as well as other properties such as:

  • Category to group questions
  • Link to the resource where users can find more information
  • Contact person who can be contacted regarding the topic
  • Attachments

Vitextra Question and Answers. New Question Dialog

Microsoft Lists Integration

All the data stored in Microsoft Lists, it makes possible to use builtin functionality:

  • Share and Manage Permissions for the list
  • Customize list (views, columns)
  • Add automation with Power Automate

Vitextra Question and Answers. Microsoft Lists Integration

How it looks like

Knowledge Base

Read articles related to Questions & Answers


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Administrator Quick Start Guide Administrator Guide


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