The Quick Poll allows you to create and publish instant, real-time polls.

  • Single choice and multiple-choice questions
  • Anonymous Voting
  • Four different chart types for data visualization
  • Colorful Results Display
  • Display poll results immediately after submitting vote
  • Collected responses are stored within SharePoint site

$29 /month

$299 /year

Quick Poll
Quick Poll
Quick Poll
Quick Poll
Quick Poll
Quick Poll
Quick Poll
Quick Poll
Quick Poll


The Quick Poll web part for SharePoint Online allows users to create instant, interactive polls directly on their SharePoint pages. This tool is ideal for gathering quick feedback, opinions, or preferences from team members, facilitating engagement and collaboration.

Ease of Use

The ease of use feature is a cornerstone of the Quick Poll web part for SharePoint Online. Designed with user-friendliness in mind, it allows individuals with no technical background to create, manage, and participate in polls effortlessly.

Vitextra Quick Poll. Ease of Use


Users can customize poll questions and response options to suit their needs.
The web part support theme variants and inherits color palette from the SharePoint site where it's placed. Also the Quick Poll provides five types of chart to display results: Bar, Column, Doughnut, Pie, and Radar.

Vitextra Quick Poll. Customization

Real-Time Results

The real-time results feature is a pivotal aspect of the Quick Poll web part for SharePoint Online, enabling immediate insight into poll responses as they come in. This feature supports dynamic decision-making and fosters a more interactive and responsive user experience.

Vitextra Quick Poll. Real-Time Results


All the collected data is securely stored within the SharePoint site and never leaves your organization's network. You can use tools like Excel or Power BI to connect to the data and create reports.

Vitextra Quick Poll. Integration

Knowledge Base

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Customer Questions

Some common questions about Quick Poll

Does this web part allow anonymous responses?

Yes. The Quick Poll web part supports anonymous poll responses. The list that stored responses hides information about users.

If a user has participated in a poll, does the web part allow them to vote again?

No. Once a user votes, there is no way to vote again or change the response.

Where are the voting results stored? Are they processed on Vitextra servers?

All the data created during the use of Quick Poll does not leave the site where the web part is located. Information about polls and user responses is stored in SharePoint lists.

How can I export the results into an Excel spreadsheet?

The results are stored in a hidden SharePoint list. Therefore all out-of-the-box SharePoint features such as Export to Excel, Power BI reporting, and others are available to you. You can open this list with a link in the web part details pane.

Can I install this web part to SharePoint Server 2016 or 2019?

No. The Quick Poll web part supports only SharePoint Online (Modern UI) and Microsoft Teams as a hosting platform.


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SharePoint Online
Microsoft Teams

Recent Changes


🚀 New Features:
Selection an existing poll during web part setup
New type of chart - Radar
Live update chart


Minor bug fixes and performance improvements


🚀 New Features:

  • Performance improvements
  • Migrate solution to SPFx v.1.15

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