With the Vitextra Short URL Add-in, you can create a short URL for any content stored on your SharePoint as well as an external source directly from the Ribbon and/or Context Menu. You can share created shortened URL with many options such as email, QR code or copy it to the clipboard.

  • Simple to use, no training required
  • Custom named Short URLs
  • Short Url for any List Item, Document, Page or External link
  • One-click creation with Ribbon Menu or Item Context Menu
  • Detailed statistics (Browser, Referrer, Operation System)
  • Built-in QR Code generator
  • Date expire for links


Create Short Url in a single click within item context menu
Detailed statistic of Short Url usage
Create Short Url action in SharePoint Ribbon menu


Vitextra Short URL allows you to create a short, user-friendly URL for any content within SharePoint as well as any external content.

Short and easy to remember URLs help you to create meaningful static URLs for content using keywords. It allows users to figure out what the page or document is about just by looking at the URL's name.

Short URL for any content

Create short URL for any document, view, site or page within your SharePoint portal as well as any external content.

With Vitextra Short URL Add-in you can create a short URL directly from:

  • Ribbon Menu
  • Document or Item context menu
  • Settings menu

Vitextra Short Url Ribbon Menu

Managed URLs

Vitextra Short URL makes it possible to create custom named shortened hyperlink.
For example the following link to a document stored in SharePoint Document Library:

can be shortened to:

Vitextra Short Url

Usage Statistics

Vitextra Short URL provides detailed usage statistics.

Statistics contain information: browser, OS, user, and others.

Vitextra Short URL Usage Statistics

Customer Questions

Some common questions about Short URL

How many links I can create?

As many as you need. There is no limit to the number of shortened links you create.

Can I change existing shortened URL?

Yes. You can change existing shortened URL at any time.

Does Short URL support HTTP/HTTPS?

Short URL supports HTTP/S target links as well as HTTP/S short URLs.

Can I create a short URL for external content?

Yes. You can create a short URL for both internal and external content.


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Supported Languages



SharePoint 2019
SharePoint 2016
SharePoint 2013 Server
SharePoint 2013 Foundation

Recent Changes


🐞 Fixed Bugs:

  • QR-code for shortened URL is wrong


🐞 Fixed Bugs:

  • Wrong data in the list of shortened URLs

🚀 New Features:

  • Performance improvements


🚀 Improvements:

  • Special characters validation
  • Performance improvement

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