• One-click creation with Command Bar
  • Customizable shortened links
  • Simple to use; no training required
  • Tightly integrated with SharePoint

$49 /month

$499 /year


One-click URL Shortener

Short URL Online makes it possible to create a new shortened URL with a single click. Select a document in the SharePoint document library for which you need to create a shortened URL and select the Short URL button on the command bar.
A shortened URL will be created automatically.

Vitextra Short URL button on the command bar

Customizable URL

You can change Short URL as well as domain for existing shortened links.
This feature available for document library and for the Short URL web part.

Vitextra Short URL Online. Customizable URL


Knowledge Base

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Customer Questions

Some common questions about Short URL Online

Where the data is stored?

All the data is stored in a dedicated database hosted in Microsoft Azure. We do not store any personal data. However, to track information about the user who created or modified shortened URL, we save the unique user ID (e.g., 4E0EEAE9B566427E988D20724373B075) in our database.

Does the Short URL Online support emoji in shortened links?

Yes. You can use special characters such as ?, #, %, & and emoji e.g., https://shared.org.uk/🧑‍💼 in shortened links.

Can I set up different target links for each platform?

Yes. With the Short URL Management web part, you can specify platform-related links for Windows, Mac OS, iPhone and Android.

Platform-related links

Platform-related links


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Supported Languages

日本語 (日本)
latviešu (Latvija)


SharePoint Online

Recent Changes


🚀 New Features:

  • Performance improvements


🐞 Fixed Bugs:

  • Duplicate web part instance

🌐 Add Languages Support:

  • 🇩🇪 German (Germany)
  • 🇯🇵 Japanese (Japan)


🚀 Improvements:

  • Added Title field for shortened URL

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