Configure List Filter


This article describes which filtering controls are available to use within List Filter Web Part.

Feature Activation

Before using the List Filter Web Part, please make sure the List Filter Feature is enabled for the Site Collection:

Navigate to the site where you want to use List Filter

Click Settings, Site Settings

Site Settings menu

On the Site settings page, click Site collection features under the Site Collection Administration heading.

Site Collection features

If you are not on root site of a site collection click Go to top level site settings
Site Collection features

Scroll down to Vitextra: List Filter row and click Activate next to the feature to enable it

List Filter feature

Once the feature is activated you see Active badge:

List Filter feature

Add List Filter Web Part

Navigate to the list or document library where you need to add List Filter.

Site Settings Menu

You can add List Filter Web Part to any SharePoint page as well as list or document library.

Click Add a Web Part button where you want to add List Filter:

Page in Edit mode

If Add a Web Part button is not there click on a page where you want to add List Filter, click Insert tab on the ribbon menu, and then click Web Part.

Under Categories, select Vitextra, select List Filter Web Part, and then click Add

List Filter Web Part selection

Connect List Filter

To connect List Filter, point to the List Filter Web Part, click down arrow, point to Connections, point to Send Filter Provider To and then click the name of List View Web Part to which you want to filter.

List Filter Context Menu

In the Configure Connection dialog box click Finish:

Configure Connection dialog box

Once the List Filter Web Part is added to a page and connected to List View Web Part, on Page tab, click Stop Editing:

Stop Editing

or Save on Format Text tab in case you edit Wiki-page

Save Page

Configure List Filter

Now you are able to configure List Filter according to the list or document library it's connected to.

Choose Fields

Click Fields on top right corner of the List Filter Web Part to open fields settings dialog box:

Mark fields by clicking checkboxes, choose filtering control, and update other properties you need:

Scroll down and click Save.

You can select any field to show it in the filter panel even the field is not presented in the list view.

Additional Options

To change additional setting of the List Filter click Settings button to open settings dialog box: