Filter SharePoint List by Date Range

Applies To: List Filter

This article describes how to filter data in SharePoint List and Document Library by Date Range with Vitextra List Filter Web Part.


Built-in SharePoint filter does not allow to filter List or Document Library by Date Range. Native funcationality limited to choosing the exact date of existing values:

SharePoint Filter Date Time column

There are many cases in your daily work when you need to filter List or Document Library by Date Range. A workaround for this case is creating a special view. The more cases the more special views you produce.

Vitextra List Filter makes it possible to rid of unnecessary views and make your work more efficient.


Before using the date range filter you need to activate Vitextra: List Filter Site Collection feature and add the List Filter web part to the list view or a page where the view is located.

See Configure List Filter article for more information.

Add column to the filter panel

Click Fields to open column settings dialog:

Vitextra List Filter Web Part. Filter panel settings

If setting buttons are not presented on the web part check your permissions and try again.

Check DateTime columns on the settings dialog you want to filter by and choose appropriate filtering control (Date range):

Vitextra List Filter Web Part. Columns Settings Dialog

Click Save and refresh the page to see the changes.

Filter by Date Range

Once you' configured the filter there are presented two date pickers for each DateTime column you selected on the filtering panel:

Vitextra List Filter. Filtering Panel with date range controls

Type in a date or choose one with SharePoint date picker control and click Filter to apply the filter.

List Filter. Date Picker Control

You can specify both begin and end values as well as one of them to filter the data.