Customize Employee Details Pane

Applicable to: Employee Directory

Vitextra Employee Directory version 4.10.6 or later supports employee details pane customization. This article describes which customization options are available for the details pane.

Supported Web Parts

Employee Directory and Employee Directory (Azure AD) support details pane customization.

📝 Note
The New Employees web part does not support the details pane. Instead, it uses a native Microsoft 365 Profile Card that can not be customized.

Details Pane Layout

The employee details pane contains ten sections of information, nine of which can be changed or hidden.

The layout of the details pane can be seen in the image below:

Details Pane Layout

Details Pane Layout

The Employee Name section is located at the top of the pane and contains the user profile image, display name, department, and job title. The web parts don't support modification of the Employee Name section. Also, it's impossible to remove this section from the details pane.

📝 Note
You can not change or hide the Employee Name section from the details pane.

Manager and Direct Reports sections display information about an employee's position in the company's organizational structure. The sections don't support customization, but you can hide them.

The Employee Directory retrieves all employee profile pictures from Azure AD regardless of the selected data source.

The Manager and Direct Reports sections get information from Microsoft Graph regardless of the selected data source (Azure AD or SharePoint User Profile).
Administrator needs to approve the required permissions so that these sections contain data.

Built-in Attributes. The Employee Directory supports twenty-four employee profile properties. The table below shows the attributes available for displaying employee information, including mapping them to Azure AD user object and Search Service schema.

Attribute Type Azure AD User Profile*
About Me String aboutMe Description
Address String streetAddress N/A
Business Phones String collection businessPhones WorkPhone
Cell phone String mobilePhone MobilePhone
City String city N/A
Company Name String companyName OrgNames
Country String country N/A
Department String department Department
E-Mail String mail WorkEmail
Employee ID String employeeId N/A
Employee Type String employeeType N/A
First Name String givenName FirstName
Full Name String displayName Title**
ID*** String id DocId
Interests String collection interests Interests
Job Title String jobTitle JobTitle
Last Name String surname LastName
Office Location String officeLocation BaseOfficeLocation
Past Projects String collection pastProjects PastProjects
Responsibilities String collection responsibilities Responsibilities
Schools String collection schools Schools
Skills String collection skills Skills
State String state N/A
User Name String userPrincipalName UserName
ZIP/Postal Code String postalCode N/A

* Managed Property of SharePoint search schema.

** In case of Title property is empty the web part uses PreferredName property.

*** Attribute can not be displayed on the details pane.

The image below shows an example of a built-in attributes section. The web part does not support changing the order in which fields are displayed.

Built-in Attributes Section

Built-in Attributes Section

The Custom Attributes section contains the custom profile attributes specified in the web part settings.

Custom Attributes Settings

Custom Attributes Settings

💡 Tip
The Employee Directory displays built-in and custom employee attributes only if they contain data.

Skills, Interests, and About Me sections display corresponding information about the employee. These three attributes are separated into specific sections since they can only be displayed on the employee details panel.

Free/Busy Status section displays basic free/busy information based on the employee mailbox. In addition, the upper part of the section shows information about the current authorized user's availability for scheduling meetings.

Recent Documents block displays the last five documents the user created or edited.

📝 Note
The Recent Documents section displays only those documents to which the currently signed-in user has rights.

Employee Attribute Display Options

Both built-in and custom attributes have two options for displaying information:

  • Show in list. Display the attribute in the list view
  • Show on card. Display the attribute on the employee details pane

💡 Tip
The Employee Directory (Azure AD) web part allows you to define searchable attributes. Such attributes may be hidden and not displayed in the list or the details panel.

Built-in Attributes Settings

Built-in Attributes Settings

Web Part Settings

To configure the employee details pane:

  1. Open the page in edit mode
  2. Open web part settings
  3. Scroll down the Panel property group and choose the sections you need to display

Configuration of the Built-in Attributes and Custom attributes sections is available using Columns and Custom Columns properties.

Columns properties of the web part

Columns properties of the web part

📝 Note
The web parts display all built-in employee attributes on the details pane by default.