Uninstalling Vitextra Product

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This article describes how to uninstall Vitextra product from on-premise environment.


SharePoint Services

Before the uninstalling process, please make sure these services are running on the SharePoint Server:

  • SharePoint Administration
  • SharePoint Timer Service

Services running on the server

Required Permissions

To perform the uninstalling procedure, you must have the following permissions and rights:

  • Member of the local server' Administrators group
  • Member of the Farm Administrators group

Installation package

Download the zip file (*.zip) of the product from the downloads page and unpack it to the SharePoint Front-End server where the uninstalling process will be performed.

Extracted installation package


To uninstall Vitextra product, run the product installer and select Uninstall:

Vitextra product installer

Click Next and wait until the deinstallation process is completed.

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