Auto-populate Title column with a filename

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This article describes how to enable auto-population of the Title column with a filename on document uploading or editing.


Vitextra Document Auto Title allows you to enable auto-population of the Title field in SharePoint Document Library.

Auto-population can be enabled only for Document Library.


To apply auto-population to Document Library you need to activate Vitextra: Document Auto Title site feature.
Go to Site Settings - Manage site features and click Activate next to the feature to enable it:

Document Auto Title site feature

Activate Auto-Population

Open Document Library, go to Library - Settings:

Library Settings

Click Document Auto Title under the General Settings heading:

Document Auto Title menu item


Check Enable to enable auto-population. Also you can choose additional options such excluding file extension and update Title column on document updating:

Document Auto Title Settings

Document Auto Title based on SharePoint event receivers and does not depend on the workflow engine.
It allows to increase performance and avoid creating needless artifacts such as workflow tasks and history list items.

If Document Auto Title is enabled Title column is populated automatically once the document is uploaded:

Document Auto Title