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4/14/2024 ver. 3.2.1

🚀 New Features:
#22162 Support of thumbnail column

🐞 Fixed Bugs:
#22161 DateTime values are rendered as "invalid date"
#22163 Link to video file does not lead to Stream media player
#22159 Query Builder. Filtering by computed column does not work

3/8/2024 ver. 3.1.2

🚀 New Features:

  • Support of colored folder

9/17/2023 ver. 2.3.1

Minor bug fixes & Improvements

4/24/2023 ver. 2.2.6

Bug fixes and performance improvements

1/30/2023 ver. 2.1.9

🚀 New Features:
Added support of Microsoft Teams as a hosting platform

🐞 Fixed Bugs:
Minor bug fixes and improvements

1/16/2023 ver. 2.1.6

🏁 First Release

Preview version.